Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm in La-La-Land...

So this weekend was spent at the Fashion,Beauty& Health fair in Helsinki. Loads of work, tough as hell but fun.
And I've been working non-stop since last monday, yeah. I'm such a workoholic.

The most amazing/strange/surreal thing happened to me this weekend.
My co-worker has been teasing me for months about a "secret admirer" (I KNOW!). I honestly thought she was joking, pulling my leg you know. Well...apparently...she wasn't. Because on Saturday she handed me this letter from said SA. It was cute beyond words.
Stuff like that just doesn't happen. That's like taken from any random rom-com movie. Or a book. But it actually happened. And on Saturday I was all smiles all day long. How could I not? My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, it really made my day. Oh god, who am I kidding...I'm still smiling and I just can't seem to stop myself.

But enough of my over-excited ranting.

Peace Out from La-La-Land.

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