Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend, Wedding, Wauw,

So this weekend was eventful.

Friday was spent cruising around with my friends ( <3 ) and picking people up then watching abit of TV before my friends boyfriend showed up and said; 'Hey why don't you come with me to fé!' (that's a bar by the by). So we said meeh, we both have to get up tomorrow but; why the hell not! So we ended up sitting there for a couple of hours talking to people and other...things.

Saturday was my Cousin's Wedding. So I did her make-up in the morning and then the actual wedding happened. It was beautiful, so beautiful! And then of course there was the party, which was fun. (like on of my friends put it; Free Booze! Hah, but seriously it was great). Somewhere towards the end another cousin was pertty hyper and somehow managed to convince me to join him to Affes (a nightclub/bar). I wasn't there for very long which probably was a good idea ;)

Sunday I slept. Alot. No hangover, thank god. Then my friend texted so we went cruising to IKEA, and other places just to have something to do.

So I did loads this weekend. And it was brilliant.

I love you guys.

This is cute. Isn't it?

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