Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 3: Your first love

My first love. Well upon reading that title my thoughts immediatley went to fourth grade. Because then I had the first crush I can remember. His eyes were brown (already way back then Brown Eyes had some sort of power over me!), he was cute and we totally had a connection. He would jump outta nowhere and scream "Boo!", I would squeak in a (what I thought was) cute way and then pretend to be angry about it. It was cute. It was silly and rather pathetic. Puppy-Love-ish. But then again we were 10 years old.

I have a thing for Tatty Teddy, if you hadn't noticed.
 Over the years I've had too many crushes to count both on people in my surroundings and celebrity/fictional ones. But love...not really. I mean sure I've had flings, roller-coaster-in-the-moment-like flings, sure I've done those. But an actual relationship with actual feelings involved? No. Well not until now.

The S.A., whom from this moment on shall be known as simply; S. (because ironically his name begins with an S *giggles*) has without doubt tugged on my heartstrings.

The first time I saw him, as you probably recall, was on a Blind Date. I was nervous, so nervous that I feared I would throw up or something just as disgusting but then...I saw him. And I just...kindof...knew. I know it sounds silly but that's what it was like.
We all know about attraction, I mean it has to be something there for a relationship to work, but I do try to base all (romantic or not) my relationships on personality.

But when I saw S. for the first time, the first thought that went through my head was; "Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?".
I took in the tattoos, the goatee, those brown eyes and I was stunned, how could he be so much my type? Then when we started talking I just knew that I  liked him. We are so alike in so many ways that it actually freakes me out sometimes.
But that inital moment, that first thought, that feeling of my heart skipping a beat will probably always be etched into my mind.
I'm not inlove with him, yet. I have only known him for...well over a month now actually but still. But I do know that I like him, alot. And life without him would be awfully strange.

So there you have it, maybe not really what you were hoping for in the "First Love" post, but this is what I have to type on the matter.

Peace Out.

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