Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Phone. Wow.

So I am now the owner of a brand new phone. I can't remember the last time I bought a new one. It is very "high-tec"..or so I think.
I have a theory that it might be smarter then me. But I like it, I gave my old faithful one to my brother who collects old phones. Why? I haven't had the courage to ask him...
The one thing that made me sad though...was that apparently my old texts didn't follow along with the simcard. If you're some kind of genius you might figure out how to do just that so all my old texts could have been saved. But alas I am not, and way to lazy to actually try it. So I deleted them all so my brother wouldn't go snooping. You never know what he could have found...not even I know what kind of terrible secrets and strange inside jokes those texts held.

Over and Out.

It looks something like that...I kind of left my camera at work so I can't take a photo of the actual phone.

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