Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strange musings of a tired brain...

You know those days when you kind of want to punch every single person you see in the face. just for the hell of it. Today, is one of those days. And to be honest that isn't very well...good since my line of work actually involves people.
But I have learned to keep my bursts of insanity in check (most of the time) so not a single mortal being has been harmed.

I bought the newest issue of Q today without really checking what/who was going to be in it. Because Q is just one of those magazines that always has something of interest to read. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found not only one but two intervews with John Mayer. One about his Battle Studies Tour and another one about...well him in general and a lot about Twitter(hmm?). Brilliant. I actually ordered Battle Studies today and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. *laughs manically*. Sorry, I'm rather hyper and well...tired toady. I drank some sort of weird "Fat Burning" Drink that had reached its expire-date. It was given to me just because of that fact actually...for free. It tastes Orange Soda without bubbles. To be honest it's slightly disgusting, I think I'll just pour it out.

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