Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aerosmith makes me want to Clean the house. Wait what?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Ready? Come closer! it comes;

Aerosmith is the best music to clean to. Disappointed, yeah I thought you would be.
Anyway. For once I decided to humor my mom, yesterday she kept dropping hints about cleaning. So today I was bored and decided, aw what the hey, why not vaccuum the house.
But me being well, me, it isn't quite that simple. I am incapable of doing any sort of house work without music. Okay it's not like I can't do it, I just choose not to.

You know in the movies where that Idiot is jumping around the house singing and dancing to music and you think; who actually does that? Well, I do. Almost every day. Why, because it's most awesome fun. Totally! And I've found that Aerosmith is the best music to clean to. I've tried cleaning with John Mayer serenading me, yes I love his music but it doesn't give me that kick.
You know; toes curling, blood pumping, heart beating faster and a ridicolously huge smile makes it onto your face. That kind of kick. It's impossible not to dance around the house when Steven Tyler starts wailing about Walking on Water, the first track on their BIG ONES album, which is; Legendary. 

I always listen to Aerosmith while I clean, it just gives me that energy I need to get the job done. And how can you not be filled with energy when Dude Looks Like a Lady or Deuces are Wild starts playing from the speakers? I know I can't. And I have a tendency to belt out the lyrics at the top of my voice, do ridicilous dances and have the volume on maximum level while listening to this particular album.
The only kink is that I have to "steal" my brothers CD-player to do this. My own is too big to move, I love the old thing to death and it's awesome but I wish I could move it around...So why not just use my mp3, you ask? It's just not the same thing. It doesn't feel right I guess. You can't headbang insanely with earplugs in your ears without the fear of them falling out, that or I might drop my mp3-player. So if you want any kind of music to clean to, put on Aerosmith. Because there's nothing like dusting off a table while Steven Tyler wails that he's crazy for someone and you can just let everything drop and sing along and let yourself get lost in the music.

So now almost everytime I listen to Aerosmith I get this urge to clean. Let's just not tell mum alright, or she'll start playing Aerosmith every time she wants me to clean, savvy?

And on that Bombshell...Peace Out!

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  1. Mmmm... I love Deuces Are Wild. :) I'm totally having that song at my wedding someday! :D



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