Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking is Dangerous.

So I just got home from a walk. It was nice, peaceful. It involved choppy terrain. It went something like this;

*Stubs Toe* Me(mutters): Bugger.
*Trips* Me: Damn.
Me: Crap.
Me: Ow.
Mom: What are you muttering about?
Me: Nothing...Stupid, bloody, buggering terrain.
*Walks for a while without injuring feet* Me: Hey, this is going pretty...Ow.
Me: Son of a...WHOA!

Yes. That was me, tripping. But I managed to save myself from falling headfirst into the mud. Then the terrain evened out (thank muffins). But the point in this was. Walking is fun. When the terain is even. Not that it helps me anything because I fall over air.

Thank you and Peace Out.

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