Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alex&Emma, as seen by a Dork.

I watched Alex and Emma today. I've seen it before and I had honestly forgotten how...well lame it is. I kind of like some parts of it and the fact that it's about a writer but other then that. Nothing.

Alex&Emma 2003
Emma: What's your book about?  
Alex:It's the story of a man who's frightened of commitment yet so desperately in love with a woman he's afraid it might kill him. It's a comedy.

Director: Rob Reiner, really? Dude, he's made awesomeness like Stand By Me and When Harry Met Sally, what happened?

Starring: Kate Hudson, Luke Wilson

Plot: Alex ows a couple of lone sharks alot of money. And the only way to pay his devt is to finish his new book, in 30 days. The bad thing is he has writersblock and if he doesn't get the money in time, he'll end up dead.
So Alex hires Emma, a stenographer, to whom he dictates his whole story revolving around lovetriangles and money. But Emma has her opinions about, well everything. Soon real life starts to imitate fiction and they begin a strange relationship.

Opinion: Well. It's cute. But predictable and not really as funny as it could have been. Like I said the only thing that really appealed to me was the facts that it was about a writer.
And I was sorely dissapointed because Rob Reiner ususally creates brilliance, this was sadly not that. Although I do like some of the lines and parts in the story. Like when Alex tells Emma that sometimes the characters runs away with the story. And the writer him/herself doesn't really know how it happened. Because that's true.
Either way, the movie is cute, watchable but not brilliant by any means.
Meh, I give it 2&½ Stars.

Peace Out.

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