Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts on Hair and Labels.

I just happened to stumble over an article about Agyness Deyn.
Apparently she's cut all her hair off. The article said; "She did a Britney". That disturbed me. Because I like Agyness, her style is brilliant and she is gorgeous. Miss Spears on the other hand...well let's just not get into that.
Why does everything have to be labeled like that? Because Agyness shaved her hair off, for the first time, long before Britney got slightly mad and did it. So shouldn't Britney be the one who did an "Agyness" then?
Either way, Agyness looks brilliant, as usual.

 Her new haircut. I do like her old style better though even if she actually pulls this one off.

I should cut my hair again too I think. But don't worry I won't pull an "Agyness" and shave it all off. I might go for some of her other hairstyles thouhg, only...not blonde.

Peace Out.

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