Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mixtape of my Mind.

Do you remember Mixtapes?

Even if CD's became more and more frequent when I was younger I still remember the Mix Tapes. I remember recording Michael Jackson songs from the radio. Sitting around, sometimes for hours, waiting for that one song to play and then record it onto a tape.
I still remember the first one I got. I was about 8 when I spent a day at my Aunts house, she had a cd which I took a liking to. The next time we came to visit I got it, a tape she had made from that very CD. I don't remember what CD it was, I don't even remember what songs that were one it because that tape is long gone now. But I do remember the joy I experienced when I listened to it for the first time.

I kind of miss those tapes. Which songs would enter my very own Mixtape today? Well that changes from one day to another but right now, on this Sunday my (10 song) Mixtape would probably look/sound something like this:

  1. Living in a Box- Living in a Box
    This song has been stuck in my head for two days now. It's a very "catchy" 80's tune that just, sticks. And it never fails to make me want to jump up and down and sing along. This eponymous song was probably their biggest hit and to me the best one too. Not that it's the best song ever made but it's totally listenable and sticks in your head for hours, trust me.
  2. Paradise City- Guns N' Roses
    Axl Rose may be one of the most pompous assholes to ever walk this planet. But there's no denying Guns N' Roses make good music. I've always had a soft spot for this band and this may not be my favorite song with them but it is pretty brilliant. And come on they've got Slash, how can it not be awesome?
  3. Dear Jack- Jack's Mannequin
    This band is relatively new to me. I haven't listened to them for long but from the first notes they had me. Brilliant music and lyrics. This is my favorite song by them, right now. Even if their song "The Mixed Tape" was the inspiration for this post.
  4. Hair of the Dog- Nazareth
    Nazareth is not one of my favorite metal bands and "Love Hurts" is by far their most famous song and a brilliant ballad. But there's just something about this one, if only the fact that it's on the Lords of Dogtown soundtrack and I relate it to that particular movie.
  5. Assasin- John Mayer
    I can not gush enough about the brilliance of this man. From the minute I first saw/heard "Bigger than My Body" on VH1 he had me permanently starstruck. Assasin is on his new album Battle Studies and it isn't my absolute favorite but I've been listening to it all week. The lyrics are just lack of better words; captivating.
  6. Waiting on a Star to Fall- Boy Meets Girl
    Bloody Synthpop. Why is it that this particular genre of music is stirring? It's not even that good really but somehow it makes me smile. This song is just one of those songs that will always make me smile no matter how down I might be.
  7. A View to a Kill- Duran Duran
    Duran Duran. 80's. Weird outfits. Bad Hairdos. What's not to like? Duran Duran has to be my favorite band from the 80's not from the Glam/Hair-Metal/Rock genre. Song after song they manage to make me giggle, dance and sing along. This particular one for those who doesn't know is a Bond song, to the movie with the same name.
  8. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm- Crash Test Dummies
    So the song name confused me quite a bit when I saw it for the first time. It may have made severeal "Bad Songs" lists but I like it. And his voice, by God. It's practically orgasmic. I'm serious, it should be illeagal to have a voice that low paired with those impossibly dark eyes. Mmmm...
  9. Here I go Again- Whitesnake
    I remember listening to this song in my dad's car ages ago. It was one of the songs that got me into Rock in the first place. It's just something about the lyrics, the music and David Coverdale's voice. This will always be one of my favorite songs and just because I remember listening to it in my dad's car I always think of him when I hear it, well that and the video with the cars...
  10. Devil Inside- INXS
    The first time I heard and INXS song was when I watched the Lost Boys for the first time. "Good Times" , which featured Jimmy Barnes is on the sountrack and that's how I found INXS. Front man Michael Hutchence may have left us (may he R.I.P.) but the band lives on with new front figures. There's not one song by this band that I dislike and "Devil Inside" is one of my favorites, just listen to the lyrics and the sound. Pure, absolute brilliance. The video though, is...well, see for yourselves. 
So, what would your Mixtape look like?

Peace Out. 

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