Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yep. You didn't hear it here first. Summer has struck Finland, finally.
 Yours truly spent the whole weekend out in a boat, which led to me being...well turned into some sort of crab. Yep I'm red. My shoulders, my decollete, my thighs....basically my whole front. The back..not so much. So yes, I do look rather freak-ish, or that's what I think. But let's not complain, I love this weather. It is awesome.

Right now, in fact, I'm sitting outside on our balcony (don't worry I'm in the shade, I'm not that stupid...) and it's pleasantly warm. Brilliance.

But that's that, I'll try and upload some brilliant photos...once I've actually taken them. Heh.

Peace Out- The Sunburnt Wallflower.

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