Monday, September 27, 2010

I really don't need to spend any more quality time with Mr. Toilet Bowl in the near Future.

So this weekend was, um, nice. Saturday was spent with my work-comrades bowling, eating and then going out. We had fun. Then I kinda ditched them to go dancing with my friends at a club. Awesome. Oh it would have been, or it was until; I started to feel like shit.
Note to self; never accept shots that your not one hundred percent sure of whats in them. EVER again. Savvy? Espc. not since you've had several other shots (amongst other alcoholic beverages) before that.

I spent my Sunday morning having some quality time with Mr. Toilet Bowl. Not Cool. Then I went back to sleep, then I went shopping but as you can guess my heart, mind and soul wasn't in it *wink*. So when I got home I went bac to sleep. I had a day off today which was probably good.

I could say that I'm never drinking again, and truth to be told that's what went through my mind when I stumbled into bed on Saturday/Sunday Night/Morning. But then I would be lying. Ugh.

I'm so Over and Out.

I'm so not hugging you in the near future.

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