Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm sorry Patrick Jane, but I might just elope with Dean Winchester instead of marrying you.

Hey, long title and pretty strange I know.

Today was normal. Which in a way was very relaxing. Later I'm going to pick up my friend from the Airport. Probably should get ready for that but I ended up here instead. What a surprise.

So, I've been watching Suoernatural a lot lately; hence this post's title. Just because it's awesome. It's about supernatural things, and starring two very attractive guys, how can I not like it?
And once again a fictional character has stolen my heart. Yeah, I'm so crushing on Dean Winchester right now. I think I might even leave my imaginary-husband Patrick Jane for him and elope.

I'm sorry Patrick, but this guy is awesome. And so damn cute.


  1. Aaah Dean~melts my heart everytime he has a cheesy punch-line or smiles cutely or even cries manly :D I love the early seasons of Supernatural,but in 4-5 it starts being more like "Angels and Demons" gets a bit boring after a while,but Castiel is a nice twist in it all :D
    Love that show too xDDD <33

  2. Dean is awesome xD I Can't seem to stop watching the show xD



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