Thursday, September 2, 2010

September, let's all join the Self-Pity-Party.

Today was my day off, and as most of my day's off goes I did nothing. And I kinda hate myself a little for it . Because there's just so much to do and I just wasted an entire day doing nothing. At all. It's scary and frankly a wee bit dissapointing.That's a crappy feeling, being dissapointed at yourself.
So my next day off I'm going to actually do something and not just lay around infront of the telly all day.

Eating loads of chocolate, drinking chocolate milk...then groan when you realize that your skin is going to totally break out and form a little zit party around your chin area. But then I just shrug it off and think to myself I'm allowed to do this, today and maybe tomorrow. But then I can't eat chocolate until next month! Yep I'm trying to not be such a chocoholic. I am only allowed to have chocolate once a month, there now I have it in writing, with you readers as my witnesses. I hope that helps, really I do.

I know I whine alot and often talk about "bettering" myself, don't we all? But this time, this time I'm actually going to go through with it.

Oh help me someone.

What have I gotten myself into?

And now just to torture myself.

How can anyone possibly say no to...THAT! 
Man I want Chocolate.
This is going to be one hard task, let's hope I make it.

Peace Out.

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