Friday, September 3, 2010

I am officially Insane and Looking at Furniture.

I am sitting here, surfing the interweb and looking at sofas and other furniture. I am so stupid.
a) I don't have an apartment yet.
b) I'm getting way too overexcited about furniture that might not even suit/fit into my future apartment. Which I still don't have!
c) This has to be mentioned three times; I Do Not Have an Apartment. So why on earth am I looking at furniture?

Anyway. This is what I've found so far;
  I definitely want one of these couches. I adore that couch-style and they're mucho comfortable.

How cute are these?

I fell inlove with this! It's modern-ish, yet vintage-ish and so homey and liveable!
And last but not least. This just screamed my name. Honest!

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