Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 24: Something you've learned

I've learned alot over the years. How to write, how to read, how to do my job.

I've learned that I should live my life the way I want to live it. Do what I want and what I feel is good for myself.

I've learned that I should be happy about my life and the people in it, because they're all pretty awesome.

But most of all you learn about people I think. One of the most important thing I've learned is that people is not always what they seem. A person can turn the tables on you and just be this totally different person then when you met them. And the worst thing is that you never saw it coming. Or when people out of the blue change, and you outgrow eachother and realize you don't even know eachother anymore. And then there's the two-faced ones, those are sneak bastards that are hard to identify. Which is annoying at times if you're not like a mindreader or I dunno...Batman he seems like a people person.

That wasn't even funny. Was it?

I'm sorry. I'm so tired. I blame S. He's been overly tired all week and it's spread to me, or well I was out of it too but it got worse. So we're tired together which doesn't make things easier, but it sure as hell is fun. I've been laughing so much my cheeks hurt. Funny shit.


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