Sunday, August 22, 2010

Half Naked Men.

That sure caught your attention, didn't it?

Autumn is approaching. I can feel it. So that mean that summer is practically gone. But how, when and where did it go?

I started thinking yesterday when I was talking to my friend, what have I done this summer? Well, messed around mostly actually, had loads of fun. But I'm not sure where the time went? Crazy, it is.

Anyway, Last night I went to ugh, I'm actually strangely embarrased to say it. Scandinavian Hunks. Yep, a bunch of half-naked men dancing around to music and taking some of their clothing off. What kind of self respecting person does that for a living? I mean seriously? I could never do that. Not that I'm complaining it was, after all, a very ehrm...interesting show.

 Yeah, THEM. That kinda explains about everything, right? *wink*.

Anyway, today I've been so damn tired. I've seriosuly slept the day away. It sucks. And now I'm cranky, mahaw.

Lotta Out.

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