Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're On A Boat.

Yeah, that's exactly what I heard some bloke say when I walked past him on the ferry to Sweden this weekend. My brain was telling me to gasp and ask him what!? but I resisted the urge to mess with his head. Yay Me.

But other than that what did I do in Sweden? Well we had loads of fun and a lot of hysteric laugh-attacks. The fair we went to was HUGE. And I mean huge, I got lost atleast three times. Yeah. At the fair we saw alot of things; chocolate and loads of it and when I say loads I mean "let's try all these free-samples until we feel like puking" loads. Bags, jewlery, some clothes, furniture, toys(!?), something that looked like horror-movie props and a whole lot more.
Then when we left the fair we headed into Stockholm and shopped and ate at this cute Chineese Resturant. the reason i use the word cute is none other than the fact that the waitor was so damn cute. "My Dear Customers...Miss, this and Miss that...". I've never gotten so good service in my life. So kudos to him.

And now...? Now I'm working again. Yay.

And this weekend we might have a Staff-Party. Be very afraid.

Peace Out.

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